Building a Boathouse


Dream big, but be realistic. Use the slope of the land rather than trying to fight it. Get creative with building materials. Reuse and recycle. Develop a phasing plan. And be lucky enough to have a very good friend: award-winning architect Melody Bishop, who has a love for Jacksonville’s rivers as well as years of experience bringing projects in under budget, has been working with the team as a volunteer to create boathouse plans.

Boathouse Features:

  1. Secure ground level storage for shells of all sizes

  2. Second story for exercise equipment, locker rooms and meeting space

  3. Handicap accessible without elevator. (Space reserved for elevator for later phase.)

  4. Collection and reuse of rain water for boat washing

  5. Use of natural light and ventilation wherever possible

How do you build a boathouse on a budget?

If you can help by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Stanton Rowing Foundation or if you’d like more information about our boathouse plans,
please contact us at

Our Site:

The team rows from a permanent site at 645 Cesery Boulevard, on the north bank of the Arlington River next to the Cesery Boulevard bridge. The Stanton Rowing Foundation purchased the beautiful, wooded site in 2010 and has constructed a permanent dock and temporary storage facilities. The boathouse will allow better use of the site and permit expansion of learn-to-row classes and other team activities.

Please note that the illustration above is a preliminary, conceptual design.

The final design may be different.